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5 Reasons why Umbria is not giving real estate away

Understanding real estate prices in Umbria Real estate prices in Umbria continue to take house hunters by surprise. Most foreigners who would like to purchase a country house in the price range €500k-900k still think that the published price for…

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What to expect of property in Umbria

What to expect when hunting for property in Umbria As the market is slowly picking up again more requests for various types of real estate arrive in on our desks every day. We cannot say there are no clients, on the…

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Comparable properties

comparable properties umbria for sale

Compare and buy? When looking to buy a house one of the important factors is obviously the price of the property. And whether that price is realistic and reasonable. Which isn’t always easy to figure out! Country, Location, position, view,…

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Keep your eye on Umbria!

Umbria’s way to fame Italy: Tuscany. Italy: Firenze, Bologna, Pisa. Italy: the renaissance, Michelangelo, the Medici, Machiavelli and Brunello. For centuries Tuscany has been the best known and most visited  province of Italy. Sure, Rome as capital of Italy attracts…

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