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Prefab houses

When thinking or even dreaming of living in Italy prefab houses are definitely not the first properties that come to mind. And especially where Umbria is concerned the images that are conjured all feature medieval hamlets and castles and ancient…

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Staging your house for a quick sale

When real estate agents talk about “staging your home”, they are referring to a method of decorating that is designed to showcase the home’s best assets, impress buyers and sell quickly for the highest possible price. Staging your house is…

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Is your house for sale? Check its curb appeal!

In times when the market is being flooded with properties for sale it is more important then ever to make sure your own property is an eye catcher right from the start to make a great first impression. An attractive…

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Castles, country houses and the modern age

    Times are changing, the world is changing and the property market is changing. In Umbria, the ever so green heart of Italy, we nowadays come across a lot of very interesting and sometimes even spectacular properties. Ancient castles…

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