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Is your house for sale? Check its curb appeal!

In times when the market is being flooded with properties for sale it is more important then ever to make sure your own property is an eye catcher right from the start to make a great first impression. An attractive and inviting looking home that intrigues potential buyers and makes them dream about a future in that specific home. To accomplish that you can begin by focusing on the curb appeal of your property. The outside, and the garden if there is one, is the first part visitors will see and it should be done just right, clean and balanced and ready to lure your potential buyers into that front door. Is it difficult to create great curb appeal? Not at all, it only takes some time, creativity and attention and below we offer some free and simple advice.

Instead of doing heavy gardening a simple solution to add some color and charm to your garden are containers with flowers or decorative plants, choose them according to the color scheme of your house and lighting conditions of the outdoor area to maintain balance. Get your garden into shape by pruning, weeding, planting some flowers, adding new gravel or cleaning old and overgrown stone walls.You might even consider adding some short sections of decorative fence or gate panels, pieces of art or maybe even fountains and bird baths. Another important trick is to create cozy corners for a drink or snack with only a few simple but nice pieces of outdoor furniture, add colorful hammocks, create a private sundeck enclosed by bamboo, making each of them look as the perfect spot to sit down and relax.

Everything should look clean and well organized, this obviously counts for all outside areas so also for the pool deck, BBQ place and all sitting or dining areas. Eye sores like garbage containers, heavy tools or kids toys should all be hidden from sight.

Replace any old and ugly hardware like a rusty mailbox, door handles, railings and light fixtures. Make sure they work as a whole and combine well with your home’s general style, don’t pick a random mix & match assortment. Sometimes people arrive at the end of the day or would like to return to see the house after dark. Outdoor lighting can be both decorative and add a feeling of safety and security.

Your home’s front door is normally the focal point of attention, makes sure everything is clean, renew a ratty doormat, give the door a nice splash of color or arrange colorful flowers, and add a detail which reflects the interior to make sure there is an easy flow from outside to inside.A general rule is that symmetry is not only easy but also creates the most pleasing effect. With two flower pots, door lights and so on you can easily create a powerful setting.

Should there be any painted areas then double check if they might need a face lift and check for items that need repair. Peeling paint, faded colors, rotting wood or a driveway in need of repair or gravel can quickly downgrade the aesthetic and turn potential home buyers away.

The internet nowadays offers loads of additional tricks, do’s and don’t. If your house is for sale or if it will be before too long it might be well worth it to do some research and look at you property with the piercing eyes of someone looking to buy a property. Buon lavoro!