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Umbria’s way to fame

Italy: Tuscany. Italy: Firenze, Bologna, Pisa. Italy: the renaissance, Michelangelo, the Medici, Machiavelli and Brunello. For centuries Tuscany has been the best known and most visited  province of Italy. Sure, Rome as capital of Italy attracts a lot of tourists, but apart from Rome would they be able to name any other city or site in Lazio? Probably not. Tuscany however has been one of Italy’s strongest brands throughout the centuries, bringing wealth to its inhabitants.

Umbria however is far less known. Yes, the ‘Green heart of Italy’ offers great food, some really nice wines, beautiful natures, interesting cities, art and events but Umbria never made a name for itself the way Tuscany did. These days however it seems Umbria is waking up, and sort of fed up. Umbria realizes its potential and does not want to be merely the province south of or next to Tuscany! When looking at social media, facebook for example, there is a steadily growing number of pages from a large variety of businesses, organisations and groups all promoting Umbria and its treasures. even more interesting, instead of all doing their own thing the pages interact, share, comment and like each other as if they are all best friends. Maybe it is the rural mentality of helping your neighbors, or is everyone in need of content and sharing is an easy way, overall however it seems here in Umbria a general conscious is developing. The realization that one strong brand called Umbria can be capable of  propelling every individual enterprise forward. The awareness that here in Umbria we have a lot to be proud off. Whether hospitality businesses, shops, tour guides, holiday rentals, real estate, cashmere, olive oil or wine producers, united under the brand Umbria we can make wonderful things happen!

Almost 68,000 people ‘like’ the Umbria Jazz facebook page. A  number of them will be Italians, but Umbria Jazz is widely outside of Italy as well. And interacting with 68,000 people seems to have business potential! On twitter and instagram. google, youtube and linkedin, in more and more places Umbri are promoting themselves. Stylish restaurants with a catching mix between ancient architecture and  a contemporary design interior features michelin stars. The city of Todi invests in beautiful videos to show off the countryside . Local cashmere companies are praised at the  Milan fashion fair, and recently many small local craft and food companies united in a site called, selling local products and produce. While we live here we might not be paying too much attention, used to have all local treasures at the tips of our fingers, but be aware, Umbria and the Umbri are on their way to fame, creating high quality products, catching up on high quality publicity and marketing and in the meantime we will keep our focus on high quality real estate and services!