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Prefab houses

When thinking or even dreaming of living in Italy prefab houses are definitely not the first properties that come to mind. And especially where Umbria is concerned the images that are conjured all feature medieval hamlets and castles and ancient stone houses. Many people love to buy an old property and even to have it renovated, conserving the looks but adding modern comfort. There are however some undeniable disadvantages to these charming old dwellings.
First of all the stone walls, even when half a meter wide, do not have any value whatsoever with regard to heat insulation. Quite the opposite, everyone who lives in a house like that knows those walls simply radiate cold just like the ceilings because the roofs often lack insulation. The rooms sometimes are very large to heat, with archways separating one space from the next and the lack of doors can make it seemingly impossible to heat.
Winters can be harsh even inside unless you have a really good heating system up and running. That way even an 800 sq m castle can be a comfy 22 Celsius all through the chilly winter but, and there is the second downside, heating here in Italy is fairly costly. Running on gas it will cost a fortune to stay warm and toasty, pellets are becoming more expensive every day and like wood ask for a strong hand to fill up stove. Other energy sources like solar panels and heat pumps require a serious investment which you might not be willing to make, especially is the home is not meant as a year round residence.
A third very important disadvantage are the costs. Buying and renovating is way more expensive than building a new home, and many hidden defects might be luring underneath the very attractive top layer, only to show themselves during the renovation process and unexpectedly drive up the costs.



If you do not want to deal with any of this a new house with everything, from the lay-out to the finishes, according to your wishes might actually be a great solution. Large windows, modern features, maybe even daringly combined with stone and antique details, it may all result in a stunning place to live. The choice then will be between a regular house and a prefabricated or prefab home so let’s check the reasons why a prefab home could win your heart, there a number of benefits that go far beyond a sustainable choice. Prefab structures feature:

  • high levels of energy savings
  • high degree of anti-seismic technology
  • excellent  thermal and acoustic insulation
  • excellent quality / price ratio
  • fixed construction costs from the very beginning
  • very short delivery times
  • guarantees provided by the manufacturers of at least thirty years
  • wide range of materials and designs available
  • better quality, due to the fact that for example complicated thermal structures can be made in an assembly line
  • independent of adverse weather conditions during construction
  • healthy buildings
  • environmentally friendly way of building with optimum use of materials, less noise, dust and waste

Of course a prerequisite is to find a plot where you are allowed to build prefab, in Umbria certain areas are protected and this type of construction is simply out of the question. Also it is essential to work with a professional who is familiar with prefab housing but then again in Italy that should not be a problem. There are plenty of specialized companies, offering houses in concrete, glass or wood, with emphasis on your personal preferences like maybe the ecological side or the design of the property. Every thought can be translated in a solid home and every dream can come true!