When we start looking for a new home many of us dream about finding a house which really  fits us and our lifestyle like a glove. The right location, size, lay-out and all other characteristics and features we can think of, every detail should be according to our own taste and wishlist. From a distance it is sometimes hard to judge whether a property listed on the internet could be the one you are looking for or not. Pictures show only small portions, descriptions sometimes leave out details which might end up being very important and judging an unknown location from miles away is not very simple. Falling in love with a property is a process with a lot of feelings involved and it can be very time and money consuming to make a trip over and over again just to view properties, especially when the requirements are plentiful and very specific.

Fortunately at Antonini Realty we are  trained to translate your thoughts, ideas and feelings into tangible results. To understand your motives, goals and emotions and deduce your preferences to then envision your wishlist as a real life property. With our international experience we perfectly grasp the differences in style or construction methods and the contrasts you might encounter when visiting Italian properties and we will gladly provide you with information and alternative or even innovative suggestions to overcome any obstacles  on that part. Having many high profile professionals at our disposal, experts in the legal and financial field, we will be able to answer any question you might have before or during the process of finding your dream property.

To start your personalized search we will together with our client

  • define objects, expectations and make a wishlist
  • determine the geographic area on which to direct our research
  • properly assess the economic investment
  • if desired advise the best method of financing
  • explore legal and tax aspects

The time needed to locate the perfect property normally varies from one to three months, depending on the complexity of the assignment, during which customers are daily informed about new developments, property traced, discarded or taken into account. This stream of information will then generate a continuous feedback that allows us to refine the research carried out under the indications gathered beforehand.

Choosing for a Property Finder from Antonini Realty means first of all to rely on the advantages of professionalism and culture: the market culture, experience and knowledge of real estate, legal and financial markets.  The culture of consultation, the attitude that comes to define the profile of each customer . The culture of the investment, i.e. the ability to properly evaluate the relationship between investment and performance. But especially the client culture, one in which every decision stems from the maximum customization of the relationship between client and consultant. We are very much looking forward to team up with you to discuss the possibilities and start the hunt!