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Monastry San Giovanni - Amelia

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4000 sq m Print


This Franciscan monastery was founded in the year 1465 when the first cross was planted and the construction of the church and convent began. After that a long history shaped the existing buildings, several additions were made throughout the centuries.  From the Fathers of Compliance the property moved to the hands of the fathers of Reformation in 1598 and expansion began. Side chapels, and infirmary, refectory, kitchen, distillery and lodging space was added.  In 1695 the church dedicated to St. John the Baptist was consecrated as the main altar, a school of Logic and Theology was opened and  at the turn of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries the surface of the convent has doubled. In 1867 the convent was abolished and the place became a farm with various types of alterations needed. The last remaining friars left in 1891 and according to the Gregorian land register the convent became privately owned in 1895. The frescoed cloister chronicles the life of St. Francis and features a well in the center which dates back to 1477.


The convent needs a complete restoration with exemption of a few apartment that have been recently renovated. For investors there are several interesting and challenging possibilities and ways to approach this project as the monastery can be bought partly or as a whole.

  •  To acquire the oldest part including the church, the cloister and additional spaces like the former  refectory, stables, abbots hall, infirmary and cells. The part of the grounds situated around aforementioned property will be included. This is the area which offers direct access to the main road.
  • To acquire the monastery as a whole, all buildings and grounds included.

The structure is very interesting for any investor looking for a unique opportunity to develop a boutique hotel with for example art gallery, restaurant, wellness center, conference center and luxurious shops. A grant has been awarded of 1.2 milion euro for restoration and repair after the old building had been damaged by an eartquake years ago. The right to this will be included in the sale.


The property is hidden from sight by the traditional high walls that surround any monastery and access can be gained through a large gate. The grounds consist of garden and forest with several wells and from certain points offers a lovely view of the ancient city center of Amelia.


This ancient and fascinating property has a superb location in the heart of Umbria, only102 km north of Rome and 94 km south of Perugia. It lies at a stones throw from the historic center of Amelia, a beautiful and thriving little town dating back to 1134  A.C. when it was one of the first in central Italy.  Near both the A1 and E45 highway easy access and swift connections are ensured.

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