About us

We are an independent Italian real estate agency, specialized in the selection and marketing of historical and prestigious properties. Finding the exactly right property, providing solid advice and taking care of sales and after sales is what we like to do. Integrity, trust and discretion are keywords in the relationship with our clients, we value transparency and gladly think outside the box to get the best possible results. With a profound knowledge of the property market, a qualified international staff and partnerships with both international and Italian agencies we posses all the tools required to assist our clients in the best possible way.


The process of buying property in Italy may, at times, differ slightly from buying property in other countries. We are ready to assist you with extensive but comprehensible explanations, we can help you find what you are looking for, reach an agreement, review all documents involved and answer all possible questions.. To point you to the right notary, architect or for example contractor are all details we easily align. We are very much aware that your will not just be purchasing a home but also creating a future life and obviously it should be a perfect one.


Selling your property opens up the future but avoiding some note of nostalgia in often inevitable. The memories made and moments shared make it into a very personal experience and sometimes difficult decision. Antonini Realty will work alongside you to ensure your property will be presented and represented on the market in the best possible way. Our professional network both in Italy and abroad enables us to direct our marketing efforts to the right clientele, reaching out worldwide in a very efficient and professional way.

Some preparations might be necessary before actually putting your property on the market. For one it is very important to make sure all requiered documents are present. We will provide you with a list of all documents needed and will assist when desired in obtaining missing document. The APE (attestazione di prestazione energetics) or energy rating document for example is now obligatory, both the real estate agency as well as the owner risk fines when advertising the house without the energy label. Should you not have one for your property then please don’t worry, we can easily arrange a trustworthy geometra to do a fast but great job.

Another important issue is to make sure the property looks just perfect when a potential buyer comes to visit. We will gladly share all our knowledge and trics of the trade to acchieve that the first impression a potential will be the right one. You can start now by reading our blogs about staging your house and how to check your house’s curb appeal! We feel it is important to take the time to arrange everything well and make the selling experience is a comfortable one. You can contact us any time for an appointment, no strings attached!