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Umbria receives Trivago award

Umbria receives Trivago award

Finally recognition! Umbria, the province where our Perugia and Todi offices are situated has been appointed the most hospitable province of Italy. The travel search engine has collected the data of 200 portals and handed Umbria a medal earlier this month. The myth that the “Umbri” are closed and keep their distance has been debunked. The opposite is true, the inhabitants of Umbria love to entertain and are not only hospitable but are generous and jovial as well. In Umbria there is always room for another plate at the dinner table, always a moment for a coffee or another drink.  Traditionally neighborly help is very important and that help will be usually offered to newcomers from all sides. Complemented by the beautiful nature and scenery, charming country houses, typical ancient cities and villages of Umbria is a province to really feel at home.

At Antonini Realty, and Antonini & Partners, this is what we keep in mind every day. We like to be  accessible for our clients and we are ready to provide them information, advice and a big dose of hospitality. Though we are not all born Umbrians it is our pleasure to continue  this tradition we so that you will feel at home from right from the start.